15 Reasons Kate Middleton is Loved by All


With the royal baby set to make his or her appearance any day now, Kate Middleton, the Duchess of Cambridge and wife of Prince William, is in the spotlight more than ever. The world fell in love with this beautiful brunette long before she became the wife of one of the world’s two most eligible bachelors, and now that she’s about to be a royal mom, there are even more reasons to love the always elegant Kate Middleton. Read on to find out 15 reasons you should love Kate Middleton – as if you don’t already adore her.


She Glows

With her due date fast approaching, the Duchess of Cambridge looks fabulous. She is the epitome of what women imagine when they think of a pregnancy glow. Of course, if we were all so naturally lovely inside and out, we’d probably glow also.


She Loves Children

From the moment she became a princess, Kate Middleton has made it clear she adores children. From charity work with children’s hospitals to sweet hugs and kisses to and from her smallest adoring fans, she’s clearly the kind of princess who adores children.

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She’s the People’s Princess

Much like the mother-in-law she never had the pleasure of meeting, Kate Middleton is certainly a people’s princess. She shops locally, she is private without hiding from the public, and she certainly seems like the girl next door.

She is a Fashionista

What’s not to love about Kate’s style? She has a major fashion budget and she’s a princess, but the royal fashionista isn’t afraid to mix it up. She doesn’t wear only high-end designer clothes; she mixes it up with trends she purchases in the same place the rest of the world shops. It’s a lot of fun to see a princess in a $29 dress.


She Has Great Hair

Really, what’s not to love about Kate Middleton’s hair? It might not be the best reason to love her, but it does give the rest of us something to aspire to have.


She’s Down-to-Earth

She’s probably the most famous woman in the world, but she doesn’t let it affect her. She does her own hair and make-up. She even did her own make-up on her wedding day. I mean, how can you not love that?


She’s Not Afraid to Break the Rules

When was the last time you saw the Queen of England in a button-down and a pair of jeans? Never. Kate Middleton, however, isn’t afraid to dress down and look very un-princess like from time to time.


She Loves her Family

Family is so important, and when the princess makes time for her own family, breaking royal tradition to be with them on holidays and for the birth of her new baby, it’s pretty awesome. We love that the Duchess isn’t afraid to buck tradition in favor of family time.


She Wears the Same Thing Twice

Most of us are afraid to wear the same thing twice to events where we might see the same people, but the Duchess doesn’t care. She wears many of her ensembles more than once, and she knows she’s being photographed in them!


She Wears Fascinators

How can you not love someone who wears these glorious headpieces and actually looks amazing? Enough said.


She’s Class Personified

She’s one exceptionally dignified woman. No matter where you see the Duchess, she’s the epitome of class. She always has a kind smile, a kind word, and behaves like a lady.


She Cooks

The princess has admitted that she enjoys cooking, and we’ve seen numerous photos of her in the supermarket, undoubtedly choosing items to cook on her own.


She Loves Her Husband

It’s always nice to see a couple who so clearly love one another, and it’s even nicer to hear them say such wonderful things about one another. The double wedding day kiss, the hand-holding, and the obvious respect they have for one another is refreshing.


She’s Independent

She’s a royal princess who could have someone do everything for her, yet reports state that the princess doesn’t want a house full of help. She wants to do things on her own. She frequently does her own shopping, decorating, and her own styling.


She Loves Her Mom

Reports state that with the impending birth of her first child, the Duchess will spend the first six weeks of her life with her family in her family home with her mom and husband to help her with the baby. She loves her mom.


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