What Your Boss Really Wants to Hear…And What They Don’t

Most every woman wants to move up in her career, but some are going about it the wrong way. Many women make the mistake of saying the wrong things at work, which is never a good thing. Professionals make a lot of assumptions and judgments about their employees based on how they speak. Because of this, you need to know the things your boss wants to hear you say, and the thing you should never, ever say to your boss. Your career depends on it.

How Can I Help

Your boss loves to hear this, because it shows that you are on top of your game and it shows that you are willing to take initiative and go above and beyond your job description. Saying this to your boss shows that you want more responsibility and you don’t mind doing jobs that many consider beneath them. Perhaps the receptionist got sick and had to go home out of nowhere, and the phone is ringing off the hook. Go answer it and start helping out more than you are paid to, and your boss will be impressed

I’m On It

This statement is a great one for bosses to hear. It shows that you’re ready to work hard, enjoying your job, and taking control. Now, go do what you’re supposed to do, but refrain from giving your boss constant updates on your progress and just show her a job well done.

How’s Your Day

Never, ever, ever, ever, ever ask this question of your boss. It’s inappropriate and unprofessional. Your boss’ personal life is none of your business. Even if she seems stressed or really excited, don’t ask her about her day. If she starts telling you about it, answer her in the appropriate manner, but keep it short and concise. This shows that you’re professional and willing to keep your relationship the same.


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