What Not to Bring to the Office

The office is a place of work and occasional entertainment. However, it is not a place to bring your personal life. No matter how much your favorite television and movie stars bring their personal lives into their own television offices, it’s not going to do anything good for your own career. While it’s perfectly natural to make friends at the office, it’s not okay to make friends at the office while discussing last night’s happy hour – and the number of martinis you had before you were even served dinner, you know? Here are a few things not to bring to the office if you want to keep your job and your reputation.

Your Personal Life

Your crazy drama – or lack thereof – does not belong at the office. If he didn’t call you or you aren’t sure where things are going, wait until after hours to have that discussion with your girlfriends. IN fact, make it a point to wait until happy hour to have those discussions. You don’t want your coworkers thinking you don’t take your job seriously when all you can think about is Mr. Right Now.

Being a Yes Woman

It’s not helpful to anyone to be a “yes” person. If you have too much to do as it is, then don’t feel guilty about turning someone down for help on something else. Additionally, don’t feel like you have to say yes to every happy hour, backyard barbeque or coworker’s wedding you’re invited to. You have your own life, and it may not revolve around the office.

Anything too Personal

Don’t call your babysitter to lecture her about the inappropriate television programs you see she’s been ordering on you oryour mother to complain that your mother-in-law just keeps showing up uninvited and your husband doesn’t think this is a problem. If it’s a personal problem, leave it until after hours to deal with it.


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