Five Warning Signs That You May Lose Your Job

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In this time where job security seems to no longer exist, the prospect that your job could be in jeopardy is quite likely. It’s a sad reality and the truth is no one is immune to being let go or fired. In hindsight and looking back, you’ll realize that there were warnings and red flags – you just didn’t see it then. Hopefully you haven’t lost your job because even if you are about to, there’s still time to go and fix things so that’s not the case!

Here are some warning signs that you may just lose your job:

– The company is struggling financially. If your employer is having a tough time with their finances, it’s a telling sign that staff cutbacks are in the near future. When the employer’s costs are mostly staffing and things aren’t going well, that’s where they have room to cost cut.

– A merger or acquisition occurs. If a merger or acquisition happens, it’s likely that there are duplicate positions and they don’t need redundancy on the payroll.

– Your boss avoids you. If and when a decision is made, your boss is likely to avoid conversing more than they need to lest they slip about the plan. In circumstances like this, your boss has already planned when to tell you – usually at the end of a pay period or upon completion of a project you are a part of.

– Your workload lightens up. While you may think that you just have fewer assignments, but this is a major red flag. It indicates that your boss(es) have given your projects to your peers since, in their eyes, you are no longer to be trusted and instead, they’ll often give you tedious tasks to do.

– Minor infractions get overlooked. The fact that you’ve been running a few minutes later hasn’t been an issue lately – and it had been before.

(Photo by Ian Gavan/Getty Images for O2)


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