Five Things Holding You Back From Getting a Job

Unemployment Rate Remains At 7.6 Percent

Getting a job these days can prove to be quite the difficult task. Aside from finding the perfect positions with the perfect companies, there are those little things that we tend to do wrong in our resumes, cover letters and more. In short, trying to find work is, well, hard work! For the most part, we all know about the big things that will make or break our applications, like adding a cover letter to accompany that resume, especially if it is listed as mandatory. Try not to let these things stand in your way!

Here are five things holding you back from getting a job:

1. Looking in all the wrong places. Just because you are looking for a new job doesn’t mean you are looking in the right places.  Aside from looking on, utilize resources such as LinkedIn to begin and expand your network of people.

2. Weak social media profiles. In this day and age, when you are up for a job, depending on the line of work, they will most likely research your social media accounts. Don’t have anything incriminating – like photos – lying around on the Interwebs because it will definitely be back to haunt you.

3. Application chock-full of mistakes. A simple spell-check often won’t do it for you – you’ll want to give your application a twice or thrice-over!

4. You need to sell yourself. When looking for a job, technically, your job is to be your biggest supporter and fan. You don’t need to be humble; highlight your selling post.

5. Not following directions. Oftentimes, companies will be able to weed out those who can follow directions from those who can’t in one easy move. You can often find that they will put a specific direction in the “How to Apply” portion of the job posting, and it will often entail writing a specific phrase within the email or subject head of the email. Read job postings very carefully!

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