How You Can Neatly Save Your Child’s Artwork

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As a parent, one of the joys you can experience vividly is sharing in the joy of your child. One creative outlet that is great for kids and that they tend to partake in quite often is making arts and crafts. Whether it is painting (the most common and often), drawing, or building, it is something that children of both genders can enjoy to the fullest. There’s no doubt that your children are giving and gifting you their artwork to either treasure in your safe-keeping or hang it on the fridge to show off how amazing they (and their kids) are! It’s easy to appear as and even become a hoarder with all the artwork your child gives you, that’s for sure!

Here are some ways you can neatly save your child’s artwork:

– Laminate the best pieces. With your child, go through their work and have them choose what they want to keep for themselves and which ones they liked best to get laminated.

– Get one of those picture frames you can switch out the photo every so often. This is especially handy if you can’t settle on just a certain picture or work out art.

– Put it all into a memory box. Chances are, you probably won’t want to part with everything and some things are worth saving and breaking out one day!

– Make your own scrapbook. Take a three-ring binder with the paper clips and slide their artwork into the plastic cases. much like a scrapbook.

(Photo by Oli Scarff/Getty Images)


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