Five Reasons You Are A Book Addict

You know the theory that states books are usually better than the movies? There’s definitely something to that theory… in that often times it’s the truth! In fact, the book is always, always, always better. Whether you were an old-time friend of books in the past or are more recently a raging reader, one thing is for sure: you just can’t get enough of those sometimes hardcover, sometimes paperback bound bundles of joy. Words are good thing, and it’s not like you’re addicted… right?  Well, you might be.

Here’s how you know you’re a book addict:

1. One of your life’s greatest pleasures include the smell of old books – and even the heavy, weighty feeling of a long, thick book. By smelling the paper and being able to turn the page, it feels like everything is right in the world.

2. When reading a good book, you tend to “forget” to eat or sleep. You also have spats of “insomnia” – AKA staying up all night to finish a book so you know how it ends.

3. Finishing a book that you absolutely loved is like losing your best friend and being in between books has you feeling lost… that is, until you finally open another potentially groundbreaking book.

4. The stack of books by your bed resembles the beginning of a Jenga game and is actually taller than any dresser you have.

5. The sight of a woman or man reading a book is an instant turn-on, and the best someone could ever look is when they’ve got a good book in their hands. The fact that someone doesn’t read or adore books is the ultimate deal breaker for you.

Photo by Oli Scarff/Getty Images


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