Be Confident: How to Fake Confidence Until You Find it

Being confident comes naturally to some people. For the rest of us, however, being confident is a lot easier said than done. Sometimes we just look in the mirror and like what we see, or look at our accomplishments and feel as if we’ve done enough. Sometimes, confidence just isn’t there. However, being confident can open a lot of doors that lacking confidence cannot. Being confident makes it easier to network, to get a job done, and to accomplish the things we desire. If you aren’t confident by nature, here are a few ways you can learn to be confident.

Find Credibility

If you lack credibility in yourself, other people will also believe you lack credibility. This can harm your confidence. The best way you can boost your confidence is to find three points of credibility in your mind. Once you find, remember, and remind yourself constantly of those three points of credibility, you will begin to convey more confidence; in yourself and to others.


If you aren’t naturally confident, practice being confident at home. Do it in front of the mirror. Practice smiling sincerely, practice a firm handshake with your husband or just run through a few phrases in your head that make you sound confident. For example, find three go-to subjects you know a lot about. When you’re in the midst of a conversation and not feeling very confident, steer the conversation toward one of those topics to give yourself a little boost of confidence.

Say Hi

Don’t wait for others to approach you at a party or gathering. Strike up a conversation with everyone around you by saying hello and by being the first person to introduce yourself. This screams confidence and it makes people view you as the authority figure. Instead of thinking you lack confidence and that you’re a doormat, they will look up to you.


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