What To Choose When You Are Looking For Workout Proof Makeup

Workout proof makeup is something that many women are on the lookout for, especially if they belong to a gym.  The majority of women that belong to a gym prefer to wear makeup when they go for their daily workout.  They may be hoping to meet someone at the gym, have plans after their workout that they would like to have makeup on for or just feel better if they have applied their makeup.

But it is difficult to find makeup that will withstand a hearty workout.  If you exercise hard, most makeups will sweat off.  But there are some tips you can follow on your quest to find workout proof makeup.  When it comes to foundations, you want to choose a formula that is more of a matte formula so that it will not be moist to start with.  Even if you normally stay away from matte formulas because you have dry skin, you will find they hold up better during a workout than your regular moisturizing or luminous formula.

Eye makeups are probably the trickiest makeup to choose when you are searching for workout proof makeup because your eyes tend to water and sweat can run into that area, smearing your eye makeup.  Waterproof formulas of mascara and eyeliner are your best friends when it comes to workout proof makeup for your eyes.  Shadows usually stand to wear a little longer if you choose a cream formula rather than a powder formula due to the thicker formula of the cream eyeshadow.

If you can, pass on your regular lipsticks and lip-glosses and pick up a lip stain which is so thin it dries to your lips almost instantly and has to be worn off rather than being able to be rubbed off like other lip products.

Workout proof makeup is a possibility if you choose these options.

Image Credit: Men’s Fitness


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