To All You Women Who Say “You Left the Toilet Seat Up!”


This one goes out to my wife and to every single woman that complains about anything going on in the bathroom that appears to be us guys’ fault.   The next time you yell at us for having the toilet seat up you might want to take an inventory of the bathroom before deciding to open your mouth.

And by the way,  I’m happy to take this criticism if I happen to leave the bathroom a mess like this.   To my lovely wife who’s out there right now probably making a mess somewhere.  Remember dear.  You leave the bathroom like this, if not worse on a daily basis.  Do I ever tell you to clean it up? Nope.  Does it annoy me to no end?  You betcha.

But just know that the next time you ask me to do something in the realm of cleanliness or take out the garbage, or remove something that’s been somewhere longer than you approve of, I will be taking a photo of your closet which we both know is 100 times worse than this bathroom.

I won’t even say a word.  I’ll just show you the picture.  Thank you!


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