What Women Really Need to Look Their Best

People (mostly women) spend what equals to an embarrassing amount of money these days on products and procedures and accessories and clothing that make them look and feel amazing. While that’s fine for those who can afford this type of lifestyle, it’s not overly necessary. For the most part, women look their best when they focus on the little things. Believe it or not, you don’t need designer clothes and expensive makeup to look your best. You need three things.

Clean fingernails

One of the simplest ways to look your best is to stay current with your manicures and pedicures. You can wear a $3000 dress and still not look amazing if your fingers are dirty and your toe nails are chipped and unpolished. Women, if you’re going to spend money on your appearance, make it count. Get a bi-weekly manicure and pedicure to stay looking fabulous forever.


Again, it doesn’t matter if you’re wearing Louboutins, carrying a Vuitton and you’re decked out in the latest DvF wrap dress if you’re face isn’t up to par and your brows unkempt. You need to wax. You don’t need a facelift or chin implants; you need a pair of tweezers and/or a good waxing service to help you look your best. Sometimes all it takes is five minutes and a few dollars to make women look like brand new versions of themselves.

White teeth

The same is true of your teeth; if they’re dingy and yellow, they don’t look good. Your entire appearance is affected by the condition of your teeth, which means it’s time for you to stop with the botox and start focusing on the whitening treatments. Most women can do this at home and take care of their own smiles. Others, the ones with more significant discoloration, can have whitening treatments performed at their dental office.

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