Why It’s Always Worth It To Pay More for Designer Makeup

Bobbi Brown

On a recent weekend trip with friends from Florida to Chicago for a date weekend, I had to run into Neiman Marcus to hit the Bobbi Brown counter for a new tube of BB cream. It took me all of five minutes to have my cream handed to me and to check out, and our friends were shocked to see that I paid $52 after tax for a small bottle of BB cream. For me, that is a pretty reasonable price. I have come to learn over the years that in my experience, high-end designer makeup is worth it for me. Not only does my skin look better than ever, my makeup also lasts longer even though it’s in smaller containers and I use far less of it. You will not find drugstore make up in my makeup drawer.

What my friends wanted to know was why? Why do I spend this much on makeup when I can go into the pharmacy and buy the same BB cream by a low-end brand for $5? That made me think; because it’s a simple concept for me. But for some of you, it might be mind-boggling. I’m here to tell you why you should spend more on designer makeup – even if you aren’t wealthy.

It lasts longer

I used to use drugstore blush all the time. I would buy a palette every month when mine ran low. Then I began using Bobbi Brown blush and even though I’m now spending more than $30 on a palette that’s much smaller, it lasts much longer. Whereas I would spend $10 on blush that lasted me a month from the drugstore, I’m still using my Bobbie Brown blush I replaced in New York City the second week of September – and I still have so much in there I cannot even see the bottom of the container yet. It might be more than $30, but it’s saved me just as much. I’ve had it 6 months and am nowhere close to done using it.

It requires less

The deal with designer makeup is that it’s much better quality. It has better pigmentation, which means that you need less of it as a whole. It has much better color so you look amazing with half the product. That makes it worth the price every single time.

It lasts

One thing I’ve noticed since switching to designer makeup many years ago is how long it lasts on my face. I live in Florida and it’s hot and humid. We take the boat out every weekend and I can put on my makeup in the morning (because, yes, I wear makeup all the time) and still look just as good at the end of a sweaty day as I did in the morning. It doesn’t sweat or wear off in the water or the heat. It lasts on my face all the time.

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