How to Wear Marsala Makeup for Every Skin Tone Imaginable


If you have not heard of Marsala yet, you are definitely missing out on something spectacular. It’s the hottest shade of makeup on the market right now, and everyone from inexpensive drugstore designers to high end designers such as Dior are using the color to create the hottest new palettes of the season just in time for us to all look good. The issue is that this color is so gorgeous that everyone wants to wear it, but some worry that haven’t the skin tone for it. Worry not, friends, everyone can wear this color and we can show you how to use it on your own face, no matter what your skin looks like – your color, your tone or your lack of tan (that would be me – I’m the most pathetic Florida girl to live all pasty and sad). This is a color that will work on every skin tone if you just work it the right way.

Medium Skin

If you’re like me with medium skin (pale, but I like to pretend), this shade is going to work best if you use it as your pop of color. Try it on your lips or your eyes, or even your cheeks for a beautiful pop of color that will highlight what it is you want to show off.

Yellow and Rosy

If you have this color on your skin, you’re going to want to go with Marsala on your eyes. It’s going to prevent you from looking sallow and unpleasant, and it’s going to make your eyes pop.

Fair Skin

For those with fair skin, a light Marsala shade is going to work best in one location. The reason is that you don’t want to go with the zombie look, but you do want to show it off. Try something on the light end and on only one body part.

Dark Skin

The idea here is a bold Bordeaux on the eyes and lips, and a look that’s kind of forehead to lips the same color. Some call in monochromatic, but we call it fabulous. You can wear any makeup from this shade with dark, gorgeous skin.

Photo by Andreas Rentz/Getty Images


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