Washing Your Hair Every Other Day Is A Healthy Choice

For years, I heard that washing your hair every day is not good for it but I still felt I had to for it to really be clean and manageable.  Then I decided to give washing your hair every other day a try and see if it really was better for your hair.  I will tell you that I have found there are advantages to washing your hair every other day and I am happy to share them with you.

Washing your hair every other day gives you more time in your day.  You don’t have to spend time giving yourself a blow out every morning or heat styling as often.  I find that I can often just barely run a flat iron over my hair on my in-between days and I am ready to go.

You use less hair products when you wash your hair every other day.   This is a nice advantage, especially if you use some of the pricier salon brands.

Your hair will become healthier.  My hair never feels dry anymore.  It always feels soft and silky smooth. It turns out that your hair needs the natural oil it produces to moisturize your hair.  That is better for your hair than any conditioner you can buy.

You will also find that washing your hair every other day gives you a different texture on your day in-between washings.  Hair will actually be easier to fix and hold curl better.

If you think that you could never pull off washing your hair every other day, you may want to reconsider.  If your hair tends to be a bit oily, you can still give this a try.  After a couple of weeks, most hair will adjust to the new pattern you are setting.

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