Dealing With Your Hair While You Are Waiting For It To Grow

Waiting for your hair to grow can be difficult.  I know.  I am currently in the waiting for my hair to grow process.  Doesn’t it seem as if as soon as you give in and get that cute sassy cut you have wanted forever that you suddenly want long hair again?  That has been my experience.  And since I just got the sassy cute cut that I do love but that I want to grow quickly. here is what I am doing.

Taking biotin can help your hair to grow faster.  But of course, you should always talk to your doctor before you make any medication changes even if it is just a supplement.  I can tell you, however, that Biotin can really increase how quickly your hair grows.  I have seen evidence of this myself.  My hair dresser even comments on it when I go in.

Secondly, get a trim but not too often.  Regular trims are a part of how to encourage good hair growth.  While our hair grows from our scalp, getting a trim can help you to keep your hair in the best health.  A good time frame is to get it trimmed every 4-6 months.  This way you are not getting it cut too often and losing your precious growth but you are getting trims regularly enough to keep it in good shape.

Take care of your hair while you are waiting for it to grow.  Try not to style it with heating tools every day as they can cause damage to your hair.  Take time to deep condition your hair every week or two.  And when you can, let your hair go a day or two in between washings.  Treating your hair gently can help make a difference in how quickly you can grow it out.

The article How to Grow Healthy Long Hair As Quickly As Possible by Wikihow can offer you more helpful tips.


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