Wait a Second, You Can Make Mascara from Oreo Cookies?


Mascara is expensive, especially the kind I like. So what if you want to save a little money on something like mascara, but you don’t want to buy something cheap that won’t make you look amazing? Your lashes can change the entire look of your face, which is why so many women swear by mascara as one of their main go-to makeup products when getting ready in the morning. Women love their mascara, and it’s because it make their faces look good and their eyes beautiful. One YouTube makeup guru by the name of Katharine Ward recently posted a video to her page that shows how she can make her own mascara for just few dollars; out of oreos. Yes, that’s right. You did read that correctly. She makes her own mascara out of oreo cookies. So if you’re on a diet and you need to get rid of all the oreos in your house, just make some mascara with them. No sense in throwing them in the trash and wasting money, right?

Now, we’ve never tried oreo mascara (and I, for one, never will) but that doesn’t mean it doesn’t work. Many people have tried this new recipe and they swear by the fact that it does, in fact, elongate their lashes and make them that much more beautiful. So how is it done? By mixing crushed up oreos with a bit of eye primer and water, Ward makes her own mascara that doesn’t leave her lashes clumpy or sticky. In fact, she says it makes her lashes look long and lovely. We do, however, have to wonder about the smell. Our diets wouldn’t survive a day if it meant walking around with the faint smell of oreos on our faces; we’d want to eat our lashes and everything else in sight.  Here is Katharine Ward’s video:

Photo by Joe Raedle/Getty Images


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