Three Types Of Eyeliner: Which Is The Right Choice For You?

Eyeliner is a staple in the makeup bag of most women and for a very good reason.  Eyeliner is a great makeup choice if you want to call attention to your eyes and add definition to them.  This makeup can be worn in very subtle tones or it can be worn in a way to add drama to the face.  Each woman has her own style of how she likes to wear her makeup and knows what works right for her an her eyes.  But many women do not realize that there are different options in this type of eye makeup.  They simply continue using the eyeliner they were introduced to as a young girl and never branch out.

The main types of this cosmetic are pencil, liquid eyeliner and gel eyeliner.  Pencil eyeliner is the most popular eyeliner because it is the easiest to handle.  Application is easy with this choice and will wear for a long time.  It is not usually irritating to the eyes as some other types are.  Pencil gives a softer appearance than liquid and mistakes are very easy to fix when you wear this type.

Liquid eyeliner is a beautiful choice and the choice most often used when a woman is searching for a cosmetic that makes a high impact look.  It is dramatic and very pointed.  It is not as easy to apply and handle as a pencil is.  Mistakes are not as easy to repair.  It also tends to be more likely to flake than the other types.  But the finished look is beautiful and very elegant.  This is a great choice for occasions when you really want to bring the wow power.

Gel eyeliner is a type that few of us have heard of.  It is a bit of a cross between pencil and liquid.  It is a little more challenging than pencil but easier than liquid.  It needs to be applied with a brush.  The finished look is defined but not as much as with liquid.

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