Would you Try Not Washing Your Hair for 6 Years?


For many of us, the idea of not washing our hair every single day is a little gross. My hairdresser has been telling me for a decade to stop this, and she’s warned me every six weeks throughout this time that I really have to stop washing every single day. I’m okay about sometimes skipping a day – but really only sometimes. I’m an everyday kind of washer since I have very greasy hair. So when I read the story written by a woman who has not shampooed her hair in six years, I almost died. I mean, that’s like me giving up shampoo after my oldest daughter was born and looking like a sleep-deprived lunatic, and that’s just not me. But she swears that for her, it’s been the best thing she’s ever done. It’s transformed her greasy, limp hair into a much lovelier and healthier head of hair, but it did not work overnight.

According to the woman behind what she calls the “No Poo Movement,” it wasn’t easy. She felt gross. Her scalp went crazy, her hair was awful; and she lived feeling like a dirty wreck for nearly 6 weeks before her hair and scalp were all right and everything began to look better. Another 6 weeks went by and her hair was suddenly healthier and prettier than it had been in her entire life. That was six years ago. She’s put nothing in her hair ever since, and she’s literally ‘free’ in terms of her hair – and she saves a ton of money because of it.

So, the question is this; would you ever go without shampooing your hair for the next, oh, forever? If we’re being totally hones there, the answer for me is no. I would never do it. I’m happy with my hair how it is and I have no desire to try to improve what’s already just fine by me. But if you aren’t happy with your hair, perhaps this is something you might (or might not) want to try on your own.

Photo by Stuart C. Wilson/Getty Images For IMG


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