Tips To Have Perfectly Groomed Eyebrows All Of The Time

Eyebrows are a very important part of your face.  They offer a frame for your eyes and help to make your expressions more meaningful.  A well groomed pair of eyebrows adds to your appearance.

So what are some things you can do to keep your eyebrows in good condition?  Waxing is probably the most important thing you can do.  Even if you have tweezed at home in the past, it is nothing compared to having them done professionally.  Once you have had your eyebrows waxed, the shape is pretty well set.  From there, you only need to keep up the maintenance in between your waxing appointments.  You can do this by tweezing the strays that try to grow back in.

A little known secret about having well groomed eyebrows is that the best place to tweeze them is in your car, while you are parked.  The sunlight gives you the best lighting for the job and the mirror is placed so that you can see what needs to be tweezed perfectly.

A problem that many people with light colored hair such as blond or gray have is that their eyebrows are very light and cannot be easily seen.  The best solution for this problem is to have them tinted.  Having them tinted only takes about ten to fifteen minutes and the results last for about six weeks.  You will be amazed how much having your eyebrows tinted lends to your beauty.

You can also fill your eyebrows in with an eyebrow pencil.  This isn’t as long lasting as having them tinted is but will do in a pinch, such as when you are waiting to get in for an appointment to have them tinted again.

There are many things you can do to keep your eyebrows in good grooming to enhance your natural beauty.

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