Three of the Best Teeth Whitening Home Remedies


A beautiful smile – or lack thereof – is the first thing so many people notice. Your smile says a lot about who you are and what other people think of you. If you’re embarrassed by your dingy yellow teeth, it might make you self-conscious and you won’t smile openly, causing others to find you closed off and maybe standoffish. Instead of living a life without confidence, try whitening your teeth at home.

Banana Breath

Bananas are known for being good for you. They are filled with vitamins and minerals designed to make you healthier, but they can also whiten your teeth. If you’re a fan of this yellow fruit, don’t throw away the peel. Instead, rub your teeth with the inside of a banana peel two times a day until your teeth are white once again. If bananas aren’t your favorite, the inside of an orange peel works just as effectively to whiten teeth.

Peroxide Power

If you have a cotton ball handy, soak it in a little hydrogen peroxide and rub your teeth with it. This does not take the place of actually brushing your teeth, but the whitening power of peroxide will help you look your best by ridding your teeth of stains from things like coffee, tea, wine and the foods you regularly consume.

Brush With a Special Concoction

All you need is your favorite toothpaste, a teaspoon of baking soda, a teaspoon of peroxide and a half teaspoon of water. Mix each of these ingredients in a small bowl, apply the finished product to your toothbrush and start brushing. This mixture is designed to help whiten your teeth, give you good breath and keep your smile sparkling. You should use it daily until your teeth are the color you want and then limit your usage to once every other week.

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