Three Aging Beauty Myths You Should be Aware Of

You look forward to turning 16 (hello driving and freedom!) and 21 (I’ll have a cosmopolitan, please!) but after that age is really nothing but a number. Of course, it’s nothing but a number until that number starts getting too big, and then it is just age (middle age, old age, you are too old to wear that/say that age…). Women are notoriously nervous about aging, even though more of us are embracing our birthdays with a relish than ever before. While not much makes women feel better about aging, these myths about getting older will help you to at least look and feel as young as you want.

Myth 1: As You Age You Only Need to Apply SPF to Your Face

Where this myth came from is a complete mystery, because the sun doesn’t stop damaging your skin as it gets older. SPF not only protects skin of any age from skin disease, burns, dangerous UV rays and skin cancer, it also boosts collagen, which makes wrinkles look less obvious and skin look younger.

Myth 2: Now That I’m Older I Need More Foundation

Not true! Please don’t wear more makeup in an effort to hide wrinkles or fine lines. All you’re doing is making your skin look duller and like you have more wrinkles and fine lines than you actually do, because the makeup settles into the lines. Instead, apply a very light, tinted moisturizer to even out skin tone and get a gorgeous glow.

Myth 3: As I Age I Have to Focus on My Wrinkles and Making Them Less Obvious

Women tend to focus on their wrinkles and fine lines as they age, thinking it’s what makes them look older. In reality, what makes women look older is sunken cheeks and hollowing beneath the eyes. Instead of focusing on your fine lines and wrinkles – which show character and class – you need to focus on using beauty products that contain hyaluronic acid, which plumps up the entire face causing sunked cheeks and hollowing under the eyes to minimize.




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