The Three Best Ways to Save Money On Your Beauty Routine

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To be quite honest, I am vain. I know that I am, and I have no problem with that. It’s not a narcissistic kind of vain in that I believe I am the absolute most amazing, however. I’m vain in that my mood is legitimately affected by my outward appearance. I have to do my hair and makeup every single morning or I feel out of sorts. Perhaps it is because I am so schedule-oriented that I have to do the same thing all the time every single day or I feel overwhelmed and anxious; perhaps it is simply that I enjoy putting my best foot forward; I don’t know. Frankly, I don’t even care. What I do know is that being vain means I’ve learned a lot about beauty products. I use the good stuff; I’m not cheaping out on my face.

However, I’ve also learned that things like expensive cleansers and routines are not the best for my skin. I don’t do well when I overwhelm my face. For me, it’s the simpler the better. My skin likes simplicity and it likes to be cared for. If you want to save money at the store on your beauty products, take my advice.

Invest in sunscreen-infused makeup

I live in Florida. Not wearing sunscreen every single day is a death wish. I use Bare Minerals powder foundation with SPF in it to cover my face (I also apply sunscreen under when we are on the boat or by the pool during the day) on the regular. It helps keep my skin from burning, and it means my skin looks better as a whole.


If there is one thing your skin needs more than anything in your makeup and beauty routine, it’s moisture. It’s just necessary. Your skin is different than mine, so make sure you find the moisturizer that works with what you’ve got, just don’t forget to use it every day.

Drink Water

If you want your skin to look good, your pores to look smaller and your complexion to look amazing, just drink more water. Unless it’s coffee in the morning or wine at night, I take my Yeti with me everywhere I go filled with ice water to drink throughout the day. My skin looks amazing. If we are on vacation and I forgo water for something else (coffee, mimosas and cocktails) my skin shows it.

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