The Lazy Girl’s Guide to Summer Beauty

Summer is not a time for stress, worry or time consuming beauty routines. Unfortunately, summer is one of those seasons when women have to spend extra time caring for their bodies because of sun damage and the horrid thought of hairy legs on the beach. Fear not ladies, we have some simple solutions to summer beauty issues that even the laziest of us can live with.

Think British

Ask your inner British girl to wake up and smell the sunscreen. She will tell you that the best thing you can do all summer is wear a great hat (you know those British women, they love their hats). Not only will a hat allow you to have a lazy hair day, it will protect your scalp, ears and face from sun damage. The bigger and floppier the hat the better.

Hair Problems

Your hair is going to suffer major damage as you spend time in chlorinated pools this summer. Before you need to spend hours in the salon paying the big bucks to turn your now green hair back to its lovely shade of dark blonde you need to read this. Dry hair is thirsty, which means you need to shower and get it wet before you go swimming. Dunk you hair in water or take a quick shower before hitting the pool to fill it with clear, safe water. It will sink into strands leaving no room for it to absorb chlorinated water. Your hair will thank you ever so much.

Bye-bye Hairy Legs

Winter is most women’s favorite season because it means she gets to take a long break from shaving. Summer, however, means legs must be shaved and beach ready at any given moment. Ladies, save yourself the trouble of lathering up your legs with shaving cream by using a razor with a built in moisture bar (I love my husband’s razor). You can shave in the shower, without shaving cream or anything else because the moisture bar will moisturize and protect your skin from damage inflicted by your razor. This is the ultimate time saver!


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