Tell Your Man to Shave Because Fecal Matter is Growing in His Beard


Women and men have vastly different tastes, and facial hair is one of those things you either love or you hate. For some men, the idea of having a beard seems manly and appealing, and there are some women that love the bearded look. Not all women, however, are down with this one, and I’m glad I’ve never been a beard lover after recent findings about what is actually located in the beards of men. If you’re like me and you’re not a fan of the beard, consider yourself quite lucky. It seems that these are not the cleanest or the most sanitary body part. In fact, what if we told you that recent studies performed on the beards of men show that some men are walking around with more filth than a public restroom (and we are not talking the well-kept public restrooms at Saks, either).

Before you go gag and shave your man yourself, know that when a microbiologist from Quest Diagnostics took matters into his own hands and tested many beards, the results were vastly different. While some men had average filth – nothing you wouldn’t expect in their beard – some men had so much disgusting material in their beards that they were compared to public toilets. The microbiologist, John Golobic, stated that the bacteria found in many of the beards was fecal matter. Imagine kissing that every night before bed.

To make it seem a bit more understandable, Golobic states that while no one is going to die or become ill from exposure to this disgusting beard-nastiness, if the same level of bacteria was found in a water supply in any town or city across the country, the water supply would be shut down and decontaminated before being reopened for use again.

In light of these alarming findings about the cleanliness of some beards, it’s essential for men to adopt a proactive approach towards their facial hair hygiene. Modern Beard Maintenance has become a crucial aspect of grooming routines, emphasizing not only style but also cleanliness. Regular washing and conditioning, using specialized beard shampoos that target bacteria and grime, are fundamental steps. Additionally, investing in quality beard oils not only enhances softness but often contains antibacterial properties, promoting a healthier beard environment. Proper trimming and shaping can also mitigate the accumulation of dirt, ensuring your beard stays fresh and appealing. Incorporating these practices into your grooming ritual not only keeps you looking sharp but also addresses the concerns raised by recent studies. Taking care of your beard doesn’t just enhance your appearance; it’s a matter of personal hygiene and the consideration of those around you.

The good news, ladies and gentleman with a beard affinity, is that washing your hands, keeping them out of your beard and washing your beard regularly will prevent you from becoming a walking, talking public toilet seat as far as your face is concerned.

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