Taking Your Makeup Off Before Bed Is An Important Part Of Skincare

Taking your makeup off before you go to bed is very important for the overall skincare of your face.  Your skin will look and feel much better when you take the time to do this each night.  If you are wondering why taking your makeup off nightly is important, there are some very good reasons.

One reason you should be committed to taking your makeup off before bed is that your skin needs some rest too.  Wearing makeup is hard on our face and it needs the break of having nothing on top of it while we sleep.  Our skin needs to breathe, so to speak.

Taking your makeup off will help you to feel more relaxed and rest better.  It is hard to go to sleep when your eyelashes are crunching against the pillow from yesterdays mascara.  Since most women want to have full, luscious lashes, this can be a great motivator to remove their makeup.

Another reason you should be committed to taking your makeup off before you go to bed is that it will get all over your sheets and pillowcases, possibly staining them.  You are also leaving behind oil that built up on your face throughout the day, which can contribute to acne breakouts.

Wearing makeup overnight is hard on your eyes, especially.  Mascara makes our eyelashes stiff and they are more prone to breakage when you sleep in this condition.

We all have days where we are just absolutely exhausted by the time we hit the sheets.  A nice little tip for those days is to keep a pack of facial cleansing cloths on your nightstand to wash your makeup off when this happens to you.  It isn’t as good as using your cleanser and water but it is better than not removing your makeup at all.

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