Three Important Summer Shaving Tips


Shaving might be the least fun thing women have to do to look and feel beautiful. Shaving is such a hassle, as any woman will tell you. Short of laser hair removal, there’s really no way to deal with shaving other than just to bite the bullet and do it. With summer practically here already, shaving is something we have to do more often. Gone are the wonderful days of winter we can hide our legs under pants. Shorter hemlines are here and we have to do something that will help us look great longer so that we can shave less often.


The more dead skin cells you have on your legs, the more often you will have to shave. When you exfoliate your skin regularly, you make it possible to shave less often due to the fact that you actually shave all the hairs off your legs and not just those that aren’t trapped beneath cells that could have been removed via exfoliation.

Replace Your Blade

When you shave with a dull razor blade, your results are not as good as they could have been. It’s better to replace the blade every week or two depending on the type of razor you have. This makes for a fresh shave each time. The sharper the blade, the better the shave; fortunately, many razors come with refills and/or you can purchase new blades in bulk so that you aren’t adding them to your shopping list every week.

Go Against the Grain

Many women forget to shave against the grain, which makes shaving less effective. Go against the grain of your hair for the best results. This helps to remove as much hair as possible, not just the little bit that happens to come off on your razor. Remember; when in doubt, always go against the grain. However, if you’re tired of shaving every week, then try laser hair removal services like laser hair removal in Queens, NY or laser hair removal in Hattiesburg, MS. Within a few sessions, you’ll see your hair thinning and some don’t even grow back, making your skin smoother.

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