Summer Makeup Tips Women Want

Just because the sun is shining and the weather is warm doesn’t mean you will stop wearing makeup for the summer season. Too much heat can make you feel as if your face is melting off, especially when you realize your mascara is running and your makeup feels like it’s dripping down your neck. Sweat is killer on makeup – which is why we don’t wear it to the gym – but that doesn’t mean you have to feel less than perfect all season. Making summer-smart makeup choices can keep you looking natural and gorgeous, as well as prevent you from worrying all your makeup is falling off.

Sunscreen First

The most important makeup choice you can make this summer is to apply sunscreen first. Use it as your lotion or even mix it with your foundation if you feel that is something doable. Just wear sunscreen. If you want to look young, fresh and gorgeous forever, wrinkles and/or skin cancer aren’t going to help. Sunscreen; every single day.

Mineral Makeup

Many liquid foundations tend to feel as if they are “melting” during the hot summer months. You can prevent this feeling by choosing a mineral makeup. It’s nearly impossible to get this stuff off without washing your face with a gentle cleanser – I cannot tell you, being a Florida girl, how perfect mineral makeup is in the pool, on the boat or on the beach. It really doesn’t come off and it never makes you feel like it’s “melting” off. Additionally, it’s light and very natural looking.

Lip Protection

Just because the weather isn’t cold and windy doesn’t mean you don’t need that lip balm that you keep within close reach all winter for your chapped lips. You need to protect your lips from the sun just as much as anything else, so go ahead and choose a moisturizing lip balm and wear it as a base every day. Put your gloss over it. Put your lipstick over it. Just wear it for protection.


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