Summer Is The Perfect Time For That Sassy, Short Haircut You Want

We all see short haircuts that we think we would love to have but we just can’t seem to make ourselves go for it.  There is always the fear of regret or of not knowing how to style it.  Summer is the perfect time to take the jump and just do it.  In the summer, we all want our hair up off of our bodies anyways and this gives you a style that can be wash and go or styled in a more complex manner, should you wish to do so.  Short haircuts are cooler on you and just feel right in the summer.

One of the most popular short haircuts right now is the one that Julianne Hough sports in the recent dvd release Safe Haven.  It is a graduated bob with lots of chunky layers in the back that gives great volume and movement.  This is a great short haircut for fine hair because of the body adding properties.  It is also a great short haircut for those with thicker hair because all of the layers allow for thinning of the hair if the woman’s hairstyle needs it.

Short haircuts just go with summer.  They are the perfect fit for one another.  Short haircuts are a sassy style that go well with summer clothing such as sundresses and sandals or tanks, shorts and flip flops.  It can be a casual style or dressed up into a more sophisticated style if need be.

You can also use a lot of hair accessories if you have your hair styled with a short haircut.  Barrettes, headbands and half updos are popular ways to style a short haircut.  Even if your hair isn’t long enough to fully put up, you can still clip it off of your face.  If your fascination with your short haircut plays out, you will be just in time to grow it out for fall.

Image Credit: Cineplex


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