Summer Damage Beauty Repair Secrets

Spring is here, which means now it’s time to get ready for summer (because we can’t just be happy with what we currently have, we always have to prepare for what’s ahead). It’s almost time for beach vacations, pool days and too many fruity cocktails with little umbrellas. Hallelujah! Unfortunately, with the sunny skies and sultry air comes sunburn, too much sand in too many unwanted places and sun damage. Get a head start this year on repairing the damage you’re sure to do to your body in pursuit of the perfect tan (new boyfriend, vacay hotspot or perfect natural highlights).

Dry Skin

The sun can dry out your skin and make you look like a wrinkly old handbag in no time at all. To mask this situation, mask it – literally. Deep penetrating masks are designed to get below the skin and add moisture to your dryness, so get to the salon and pick up a few masks and treat your driest body parts to a moisture party as often as safely possible.

Washed Out Hair Color

The sun can do a lot of damage to your color, so you have to figure out a way to repair it so you don’t walk around all summer looking washed out and trashy. For blondes, a 30-minute chamomile tea rinse is a perfect solution. Rinse your damp hair with cool chamomile and leave it in your strands anywhere from 5 to 30 minutes before washing. Your color will look better than ever in no time. For brunettes, use coffee.

Dry Hair

The sun, the sand, and the chemicals can wreak havoc on your luscious locks, which means you need to deeply hydrate your hair at least once a week. Deep conditioner is the way to go for this one. For more long-lasting effects, switch your daily conditioner to something more moisturizing as well.


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