How to Style Bangs For the Winter


Winter is the worst season for bangs. It’s cold, windy and dry, and that makes heat styling something you should avoid as often as possible. The more heat styling you use, the more damage you cause to your hair. For this reason, we recommend that you keep the bang styling to a minimum this time of year and, instead, focus on a style that’s a bit more laid back and healthy for your hair. Our recommended is that you learn to style your bangs so that they are out of your face in the winter. Between the wind whipping them around and the sheer magnitude of the winter weather, we think a great pinned back style is all that you need to help you style your bangs this time of year. The look is chic, elegant and sophisticated, and that’s what we love most about it. We’ve included a short video to help inspire you to recreate this look on your own time.

What You Need

Bobby pins

These are the single most important item you will need so that you can pin your hair back onto your head. We think you should go with a color palette that is the same as your hair, too, so that it keeps the look fresh and pretty.

Pull back your bangs and give them a slight pouf. We aren’t looking to recreate the pouf that Snooki used to rock in her days on the Jersey Shore, but something a lot more modest. In fact, you should barely even notice the poof. Pull the hair together where you want top in it, and insert your first pin one direction and your second the opposite direction. Remember that the flat side is the one that’s supposed to go on the top. Now just spritz a bit of hair spray onto your bangs and go.

Photo by Alberto E. Rodriguez/Getty Images


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