Stop Lipstick Bleeding By Following These Simple Steps For Smooth Lips

Lipstick is a beautiful cosmetic and can transform a woman’s face from plain to fabulous with the swipe of the magical tube.  But what is not fabulous is when your lipstick bleeds out into the little lines that are around your lips.  These are wrinkles caused by aging.  Smoking makes these little wrinkles worse so the first thing you can do to stop lipstick bleeding is to quit smoking.

Secondly, you want to treat the wrinkles around your lips.  There are some creams that are made specifically just for that purpose but you can also save on having to buy a product specifically for your lips and let your eye cream double as a cream for your lips.  Your eye cream is formulated to treat the wrinkles around your eyes, so why not let it treat the wrinkles around your lips as well?  Don’t put it on your lips but rub a tiny bit in around the outside line of your lips.

Dry lips are also going to be more likely to have lipstick bleeding so you want to try to take care of your lips by keeping them moisturized.  Using a lip balm at bedtime is a good habit to have to prevent dry, flaky lips.  If that does not take care of the problem then you may need to exfoliate your lips.  While there are products you can buy specifically for the purpose of lip exfoliation, you can also exfoliate them by rubbing them briskly with a warm, wet washcloth for 30 seconds or so.  It doesn’t take long to rub off the flaky skin and leave a softer, smoother surface.

Lip primer is a wonderful product to help prevent lipstick bleeding.  It gives your lipstick a better surface to adhere to and almost acts as a glue, keeping it where it is supposed to be.  Lip liner is a great product to use as well because it creates a barrier to hold your lipstick in place.



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