Stay Young and Beautiful With These Simple Tips

If only we could all stay young and gorgeous forever. While I’m not at all dreading leaving my 20s behind in two short months, I am becoming more and more concerned with my overall health; both inside and out. I am thrilled to turn 30 (I hear that your 30s are your best years, and since my 20s were pretty unbeatable, it makes me really excited for my 30s), but I do find myself thinking about things such as m y skin, my weight and my health as I age. I realize that it’s time to buckle down and stop relying on genetics and a healthy metabolism, and it’s time to start really taking care of myself, my husband and my family. We may not be young forever, but that doesn’t mean we can’t be healthy!

Less Stress

One of the fastest ways to age is through stress. Gray hairs, frown lines, wrinkles and bad skin are just a few of the gross side effects that come along with too much stress. Of course, we all have it; especially when you have kids and spouses and careers and life to worry about. However, that does not mean we cannot learn to let go of some of it. Exercise and a healthy diet is a great stress reliever. Additionally, sometimes you just have to remind yourself that you are wasting time worrying. Give it to God and let it go.

Get Up and Go

The fastest way to good health is physical activity. The more active you are, the healthier your body; the healthier your body, the healthier your mind. Exercise is a great stress reliever, method of anxiety relief and it improves your immune system and health. There are no downfalls.

Wear Sunscreen

You won’t stay young forever, but if you don’t wear sunscreen, you won’t look young as long as you could. Put it on even if you have no intention of leaving the house, ever.


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