Six Free Ways to Have More Beautiful Skin


Being beautiful is not easy; it’s really not. We women are so over-inundated with this and that and advice and tips that it’s nearly impossible for us to figure out what to do. Our grandmothers taught us one thing, the celebrities and stylists and makeup professionals of today tell us something else. Beauty magazines and blogs tell us something different. Do we spend a ton of money on products to help us look good all the time, or do we not? What if we are on a budget or we can’t afford to spend $300 per ounce on some sort of magical cream that will make life better for our faces?

Can’t we just get through life without contemplating Botox at 29? It’s a lot to process. At the risk of sounding like a totally snobby you-know-what, I look pretty good; and I like to think it’s because I listen to my grandmother. I like to keep things simple. It’s just been my own experience that sticking to the simple things in life has worked well for me. At 33 (well, until the 30th), I look better than ever. My hair is healthy, my skin is glowing, and my husband cannot get enough of me – it’s just my reality. I like simple beauty routines. I’m not saying I don’t spend money; I do.

I prefer expensive makeup that lasts a long time and leaves my skin feeling amazing, but I don’t spend money on expensive wrinkle creams and cleansing products. I like to think it’s the simple things in life that make my skin look good and my hair healthy, but it could be great genes; I’m not entirely sure. Either way, though, I can tell you that there are a lot of FREE ways you can change your appearance and fix any beauty issues you might be having. Yes, I said free. Now you’re listening even though you think I’m a self-involved snob, right?

Wash your face with warm water

Hot water makes you feel cleaner. Cold water closes your pores and makes your skin look more radiant. It’s my simple advice that you wash your face with warm water. It’s not too cold, but it’s not too warm. It seems to be the most agreeable manner of face washing for me. Additionally, don’t worry about expensive cleansers. I’ve been using an exfoliating drugstore cleanser my entire adult life, and I receive compliments on my glowing skin all the time.

Work out

If you have skin issues, work out. I know it sounds strange to tell you to work out when you want to keep your face looking good, and sweat doesn’t seem like the most productive way to do that. Just trust me; when you work out, your face sweats. When you sweat, your skin opens up. When your pores open up, all the gross stuff in them comes out and starts to clear out your skin and make you look more radiant and gorgeous. Just do yourself a favor and don’t wear makeup when you work out and wash your face when you’re done.

Drink the water

I know it’s been said a million times, but it’s the truth; drink water. It’s the best thing for your skin and it can clear up and skin issues you’re having. It helps with dry skin. It helps with skin that’s breaking out. It helps your skin look like it is glowing. It also helps with wrinkles. When your skin is hydrated, wrinkles are less likely to appear. I know that you hear this all the time, but has anyone told you precisely how much more affordable it is to simply down water throughout the day? However, botox is an excellent way to keep you skin looking great, but that doesn’t mean that you can skip out on drinking your daily water goal.

Eat Right

It’s simple advice, and I hate that we have to go over it. It seems like everything I’m saying is so simple and it’s such common sense, but people forget the simple things in life. If you skip all the sugar, the grease and the gross that comes with eating a poor diet, you’re going to see your skin look so much better. Not only your skin, either; your entire body is going to look better. We aren’t saying that you aren’t entitled to a great, greasy, amazing cheeseburger from time to time. All we are saying is that you should try not to have those things all the time. Save them for occasions and then eat well the rest of your life. Fruits and veggies and fish are so good for you, so delicious when you learn to make the right way; and so beneficial always.

Keep your hands off

My favorite piece of advice for women who have skin issues and beauty issues is this; stop touching your face. The rule of thumb here is that you keep your hands off your face. They’re nasty, dirty, covered in germs, and so not good for your skin. Keep that in mind and you’re going to see some serious beauty benefit.


When you frown, you look unattractive. Sorry, but it’s the truth. Smile. Your face, your skin and your entire personality will thank you for it. It’s so much healthier. If you’re going to develop natural wrinkles, wouldn’t you rather they were the kind that say to the world, “This girl has some serious fun,” rather than, “Well, she must be stressed with all those frown lines,”?

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