Signs That You Are Ready For A Drastic Haircut

A haircut seems like a simple decision but we tend to analyze and over-analyze if we should do it or not.  Should you get just a little trim?  Should you go with a variation of your favorite cut that you have done a thousand times over?  Or should you bite the bullet and go for that drastic new haircut you have been eyeing for a while now?

Since we women tend to be emotionally attached to our hair, it is a good idea to give it some serious thought.  Here are some signs that you are ready for that drastic haircut.

You have been wearing the same hairstyle for so many years that people actually notice if you part it on the other side or if you curl it differently.  If small changes send awareness waves off in others you are probably needing to make a bigger change, like that drastic haircut.

Your hair stylist knows exactly how to do your hair without one single word from you, and saying “the usual” does not count here.  You want to keep things spiced up.

You have thought about this cut and talked about this cut and all that is left is to do it.  If you have spent significant thought on wearing this certain haircut, it is bound to be the one for you.

Your hair and face shape will work perfectly with it.  Show pictures of the haircut to those close to you and get their opinion.  Do they think it will look good on you?  Will it fit your face shape well?

Is it a haircut that requires a certain type of hair to pull off?  For instance, it might work best on someone with thick hair or someone with naturally straight hair.  Those are questions best saved for your stylist.

If all the answers to those questions point toward go, then jump and don’t look back.  You will be to busy enjoying all the compliments you are getting on your new ‘do, anyways.


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