How to Shave with a Straight Razor

If you ask any man, the idea of shaving with a straight razor is a bit intimidating, but it’s also the best shave possible. It’s the only way a man can get a shave so close he feels like a little boy again. However, the idea of using something so primitive is not always welcome, which is why so many men are afraid to learn. With the right advice, using a straight razor really isn’t difficult; just make sure you’re willing to invest a little in a quality straight razor and not just the cheapest one you can find. If you want a smoother way to remove hair on your body, look into the services offered by a Laser Hair Removal Company.


The softer your whiskers, the most closely you’ll be able to shave. Start by splashing your face with warm water or be wrapping a warm, wet towel around your chin for a few minutes. Once it’s removed, your whiskers will be softer and much more pliable. This results in a much closer, much more efficient shave – you can even shave directly out of the shower for added convenience.

Finally, you will apply shaving cream rather liberally to your face. This is simply not a step you can skip.


Holding your razor in a comfortable position at a 30-degree angle is the best way to shave. There is no right or wrong way to hold a razor, only recommended ones. However, when it’s time to begin your shave, you’re going to want to go with the grain of your hair rather than against it. Going against it is going to result in razor burn, ingrown hairs and discomfort.

It’s important to remember that you do not need to or want to apply too much pressure to your razor or you will cut yourself.

Holding Your Face

The best way to start is by reaching one hand up over your head and grabbing the opposite side of your face by your eye and lifting upward to pull skin taut. Most recommend you shave the right side first, but that’s not always comfortable for those that are left handed. When you finish one side, repeat the process on the other.

You’re going to want to shave your cheek first, and then your jaw. The reason for this is the position of your hands. You will need to move your hands from by your eye to beneath your jaw to pull skin tight.

Lips and Chin

When it’s time to shave above your lip, pull your top lip down as much as possible to make skin tight. Use the same pressure and angle here as you did elsewhere on your face. When it comes to chin shaving, you’ll pull your lower lip up as much as possible for the best results.

Now that you’re done, you’ll rinse your face with water, apply aftershave if that’s your preference and go about your day with the closest shave you’ve ever had.

Here’s a video to help:

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