Salon Shampoo And Conditioner: Are They Worth The Price?

Salon shampoos and conditioners are quite a bit more costly than drugstore brands.  It can make a girl hesitant to shell out the money.  After all, are they really worth the price you are paying for them?

It is a matter of opinion.  My personal experience with them is that yes, if it is a brand of salon shampoo and conditioner that works well for my hair, then it is worth the cost.  If you can find a brand that works really well for your hair, you will be more willing to pay the price for salon shampoo and conditioner.  My favorite brands are Biolage by Matrix, Bed Head and Redken but everybody has their own personal taste so you have to see what works best for you.

What is better about salon shampoos and conditioners?  They have a better scent.  Don’t be surprised if you start getting compliments on how great your hair smell after you switch to a salon shampoo and conditioner.  They make hair look healthier and easier to work with.  It gives a more polished look from the get go.

If you are hesitant about paying the price for them, ask your hairdresser to give you a sample or buying a sample size to try before you invest money in full size bottles.

You can save money on salon shampoos and conditioners by shopping around for them.  You can buy them at the salon but you can also buy them online.  I always compare prices before I make my purchase.  I also extend how long my salon shampoos and conditioners last by not using more than I need.  I also use drugstore brands for days when I am not doing anything besides hanging out at home.  Dove and Tresemme are my favorite drugstore brands and both have some good hair products in their line.

Image Credit: Serenity Salon and Spa


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