When Would you Recommend Your Husband Wear Makeup?


Makeup is a novel concept. It’s perfect for those of us who want to look and feel good, and those of us who want to ensure that we are confident. And while makeup is associated with women everywhere, it’s not something that’s been associated with men in a general sense. Sure, there are some rock stars that rock the makeup like it’s their business, but most of them are not really ‘real’ people who wear it in real life. Imagine how shocked you’d be if your husband were to come home from his favorite department store with a bag filled with makeup that he could wear himself. You’d probably wonder what’s up with him. Is he going through a midlife crisis? Is he all right? Is he still the same man he was yesterday, before he was wearing makeup around the house? There are probably going to be a lot of questions you’re going to ask yourself in this situation, and that’s all right. So, would you ever recommend that your husband wear makeup? We can’t tell you how to feel wand what to do in this situation, but we can tell you that we do have some suggestions as to when he could wear makeup.

For the Family Photos

The family photos are so important to some people, and they’re important enough for many to consider it an opportunity for the man of the house to don some makeup. It’s not something I would personally do, but I’ve heard of people doing this when the photos are really important.

If He’s a Model

If you are married to a model, you might want to encourage him to wear makeup at work. After all, they’re going to put it on him so you might as well make it your mission to make him feel good about what he does for a living.

For Halloween

Halloween is the kind of fun holiday that allows you to do things you might not otherwise do. So let loose and let yourself in on a little fun – encourage your husband to put on the makeup and have a great time. He’s going to do it regardless, so why not?

When Your Daughter Wants to Dress Him Up

If you have a little girl and she wants to put her makeup on daddy, encourage him to do so. It’s a bonding experience, and all daddy’s have to be a princess from time to time.

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