Reasons You Should Exfoliate Your Face Every Day


There is so much conflicting information regarding amazing skincare. For example, some people will tell you that as you age you need a more comprehensive skincare routine. I firmly believe that simple is always better – such as wearing sunscreen every day, protecting yourself from the sun, washing at night, sticking to a simple beauty routine and always keeping your hands off your face. Of course, I’m not a dermatologist or a beauty expert in any way. I’m a 31-year-old woman who has been wearing makeup and caring for my skin more than half my life and I know my way around Sephora like I do the back of my hand, but that’s the extent of my knowledge. I’m blessed with great skin and I credit it to good genes and my tried and true Clean and Clear face wash twice a day – and sunscreen (and fun beach hats). But exfoliating is always tricky. You’re not supposed to do it every day because it is harsh. But then again, Beyonce’s dermatologist says you should do it every day; and she’s gorgeous, so who do we believe?

It turns out, you’re supposed to exfoliate your face on a daily basis, and we have five really good reasons you should do so (even though we think that if Bey’s derm says to, that’s all we need).

To Improve Texture

When you take the time to exfoliate daily, you help yourself improve the texture of your skin. This helps to improve the overall appearance, which is all it takes to make your face look better and more amazing.

To Help Acne

You can help clear away dirt and other filth from your face when you exfoliate, and that’s what helps you look better. It also helps to clear your acne issues, which can help you improve your overall look quite easily.

To Control Aging

Aging happens, and it’s quite natural. There is nothing wrong with aging, but you can help to slow it down by exfoliating on a daily basis so that you look more amazing and more naturally beautiful at all times.

To Help Moisturize

If you are able to exfoliate daily, you clean out your pores. When you clean out your pores, you allow your skin to better absorb moisture that it needs to look and feel good.

To Reduce Pore Size

Pores grow larger when they are filled with things that aren’t good for them, so you’re going to find that they shrink in size when they are exfoliated with regularity.

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