Real Beauty Tips for Real Women

Beauty tips and advice are everywhere, but how often do you find that any of it actually works for you? Yes, many beauty tips would be perfect for you if you were a supermodel or actress working the red carpet, but for your everyday life some of the most common beauty tips are just not practical. Here are three amazing beauty tips you can apply to your everyday life.

No More Towels

Frizzy hair is a reality for many women; particularly those with curls and those who live in the humid south. If you suffer from frizzy hair and just cannot find a solution to your problem, look no further than your very own towel. Rubbing your hair with a towel post-wash actually makes it more prone to frizz. It’s time to start skipping the towel and start blotting your hair with an old tee shirt when you get out of the shower.

Make-Up Mist

If ever you’ve wondered why people use make-up mist, wonder no more. The benefits of this mist are far too many to name, but the most important one is that it sets your make-up. What does this mean? This means that spraying on a make-up mist before you leave the house in the morning will keep your make-up set and looking just as great all day as it did the moment you finished applying it.

Bright Blush

It might sound scary to most women who prefer a more neutral shade of blush, but it’s not scary. When you’re feeling dull or your complexion is suffering from illness or fatigue, brighten it up with a bright colored blush. Bright pink and coral are the best choices. When applied correctly they do not look silly or clown-like; both colors help you to appear more radiant and vibrant.

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