Prevent Summer Frizz Before it Happens

Since we aren’t all blessed with naturally straight, frizz-free hair, summertime can bring about a little stress when it comes to our hair, especially when there’s humidity involved. If ever you’ve looked into the mirror and thought, “I’m having a great hair day,” with sadness after spending a half hour working on it because you know that two minutes of being outside will turn your sleek coif into a big ball of frizz, you will understand why any tip that can help you prevent frizz is of the utmost importance. Aside from a magic wand and a fairy godmother willing to free us of frizz, this is the next best thing.

UV Protection

No, your hair cannot suffer from sunburn, but the damaging UV rays that wreak havoc on your skin can cause a lot of damage to your hair – including drying it out, which makes it that much frizzier. Conditioner your hair every time you wash it using a UV protecting conditioner.

Use Product

It might seem a bit annoying to have to worry about putting product on your hair when you aren’t doing anything but heading to the beach or pool to get it wet, but it will help protect your hair from the elements and the frizz. Anti-frizz serums and replenishing conditioners are a great way to help fill in the cracks and dryness in your hair, which cause less frizz to form.

Shampoo Less Frequently

Before you turn up your nose in disgust, just hear me out. The less you wash your hair, the more moisture it keeps and the less frizz it has. Try washing two times a week at most. To help prevent it from looking greasy or dirty, try conditioning it only on nights you are not washing it. Dry conditioners work well also.


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