Prevent Or Reduce The Appearance Of Crows Feet

Crows feet are the dread of every woman as she ages.  We closely look for them when we apply our makeup, holding our breath to see if traces of them appear.

You can’t keep crows feet from appearing forever but you can prevent them from occurring earlier than you would like to see them.  You can also reduce the appearance of the ones you already have.

The first step is to drink lots of water.  A strange tip, you say?  The reasoning is that when your skin is well hydrated it moisturizes itself and therefore helps prevent crows feet and wrinkles of all sorts.  Have you ever noticed people with dry skin have more wrinkles than those with oily skin?  Take a look and see.  While you can’t completely change the natural texture of your skin you can tweak dry skin by drinking enough therefore making it more hydrated.

Secondly, give up your sun loving ways.  The sun is your enemy when it  comes to aging.  You can still enjoy the outdoors but do it smartly.  Use sunscreen on your face daily and wear sunglasses that have a large area of coverage to protect this delicate area of your face.

Get enough sleep and eat right.  Studies have proven that our skin tells the story of our life.  Late nights and too many trips to the donut shop always end up showing up on our waistlines and our faces.  Good for you food makes you look good.  Makes sense, right?

Use an eye cream.  Eye creams are formulated differently.  Some are formulated to help with under eye puffiness, some for dark circles and some for crows feet.  Make sure you are choosing the right eye cream for your needs and use it religiously.  Use it every night, at the minimum, preferably twice a day.

Lastly, carefully choose the makeup base you use.  You want a makeup that does not cake in your crows feet.  Thinner makeup bases are a better choice than thick.  However, if you love your thick makeup bases, apply sparingly around your eyes.



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