Nutrients You Need for the Most Beautiful Skin


Your face wash and skin care routine aren’t the only things that make the skin on your face healthy. In fact, the skin all over your body requires certain nutrients to look its best. If you’re shaking your head and thinking all that matters is your face since that’s what you want to keep young looking and healthy as long as possible, you’re mistaken. Did you know that the skin on your hands can give away your true age no matter how lovely your face? For that reason, you’ll want to incorporate these nutrients into your skincare routine starting today.

Vitamin A

This is the nutrient that helps keep your skin free of acne, clear and gorgeous. It’s a complexion’s dream nutrient. If you’re not getting enough Vitamin A, you might notice first that you are breaking out more than usual, that your skin appears to have discoloration or spots and that it’s not as healthy looking as usual. To remedy this, incorporate more Vitamin A into your diet. Good healthy options include carrots, pumpkin, peaches and leafy greens.


This is a nutrient that promotes healthy fats. Don’t cringe; healthy fats are necessary for your overall beautiful appearance. This healthy fat is what keeps your skin looking healthy and happy. If you’re not getting enough Biotin, you’re going to look sallow and possibly discolored. Try eating some romaine lettuce, almonds and limit your caffeine intake to get as much Biotin as possible.

Omega 3 Fatty Acids

Eat all the salmon you want because it’s great for your skin! This is one that fights inflammation and unhealthy looking skin all over your body. It also helps to fill in fine lines and wrinkles, helping you look younger longer. Eat some more Omega 3 Fatty Acids to keep yourself looking younger longer.

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