Makeup Tips for Women Who Wear Glasses

Sometimes a woman with less than perfect vision (that would be me) doesn’t feel like getting up and putting her contacts in. Sometimes she just wants to wear her glasses and go. Maybe you’re running late or maybe you just don’t feel like spending two minutes in front of the mirror bothering with your contacts because there is another level of Candy Crush Saga to beat – whatever, it’s totally fine. However, when it comes to wearing your glasses you might wonder how to apply your makeup to accentuate your eyes and not interfere with the look you’re going for. Here are a few expert makeup tips for days that just call for specs.


Glasses can draw more attention to your eyes, which means you might want to amp it up a bit. Try going for a second coat of mascara, curling your lashes or opting for a darker than normal shade on your lids. Make sure you use an eyelash brush to brush your lashes because they’ll look clumpy and chunky on a magnified level if you don’t.

Blend, Blend, Blend

If you don’t blend your blush, bronzer and foundation really well, the place your glasses sit on your nose or cheeks will get that funky, unattractive makeup line. Additionally, glasses can make your nose appear shinier and even a little bit redder, so use a darker foundation on that area and make sure to powder your nose regularly.


There’s something about a woman in glasses with a bold lip. If you want to go for a chic, glam look, opt for a bold red lip and minimal makeup everywhere else to pair with your glasses. Know that this timeless look goes best if you wear darker frames, particularly those with a rectangular shape. You’ll look simple, chic and put together even if you wake up with exactly three minutes to spare before you have to walk out the front door.


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