The Many Different Kinds Of Makeup: To Save Or To Splurge?

Makeup is as important a piece in a woman’s attire as a pair of shoes or a purse is.  It is an essential, at least to most.  Although women wear their makeup differently, most usually wear at least some makeup and many wear almost all types of makeup.  So the question is, what type of makeup should you be splurging on and what type of makeup should you be saving on?

Let’s start with the base, foundation.  Foundation should be something you splurge on all the way because it is the base that all your other makeup is built on.  If it looks bad then all of your makeup will look bad.  The goal of foundation is to give you a smooth, silky look that seems as if your complexion is perfect.  Go for the higher end brands in foundations.  Skip the drugstore on this one.  You should also buy quality concealers and powders since they too contribute to your overall look. As far as blush goes, this is another area you don’t want to pinch pennies.  Opt for the good stuff so that you don’t end up with a patchy look.

So, what products can you save on?  Basically, the rest.  Lipsticks and liners can work just as well if they are a brand from the drugstore compared to a brand from a department store.  They can glide on just as smoothly and have just as good of a finish to them.  The difference would be what brand you find a color that you like in.  Some people go for department store brands instead of drugstore brands in lipstick because they prefer a shade that comes only in the higher end bracket.  Eye shadow and liner can work just as well and be as attractive if you spend low dollars instead of the higher dollars.  You can find a decent mascara at the drugstore but department stores really are better.  Once you try different brands, you will see what you are willing to save and splurge on.

Image Credit: Woman.TV


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