Makeup Mistakes to Avoid

You all know the woman who just can’t quite get her makeup right and always looks…well, wrong. If you don’t know her, then you probably are her. There are just some things that women don’t realize look completely awful, and I feel that it’s my duty to share with you all the worst makeup mistakes you can make. Hopefully you see this before you leave the house this morning in case you are making one of them. No one wants you to walk out of the house making the same makeup mistakes as the 12-year-old girl next door.

Too Much Shimmer

I know a woman who is old enough to know better than to make this mistake. Trust me, she’s been married, divorced, has a child, and a college education. She’s definitely old enough to know better. However, every day she posts a photo of herself online (usually standing in the bathroom mirror or in her car with her camera held 3 feet about her head) and everyone’s gaze goes immediately to the bright white shimmer eyeshadow she wears from her eyelashes to the bottom of her eyebrows. She wears it day and night, and it’s scary. Ladies, the shimmer is designed to be a subtle glow at the corners of your eyes and sweeping lightly across the brow bone. It was not made for all over wear, and hasn’t been since 1982.

Too Much Blush

Yes, rosy cheeks are amazing, but they can be scary. Your glow should be subtle. The rest of the world should not think your 3-year-old daughter painted your face with a pink marker. Bronze the hollow spot below your cheekbones and extend it up around the side of the face. Add a pinky-peach blush to the apples of the cheeks. Blend and cover with powder. Subtle is what you’re going for.

Not Blending

Nothing is worse than seeing a woman who looks great from the front and like she put on a mask from the side. Ladies, all you have to do is blend outward and down.


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