What Should Be In Your Makeup Bag This Fall?

If you are wondering what should be in your makeup bag this fall, this article is for you.  We all want to give our makeup look a bit of an update when the seasons change.

So what should you be adding to your makeup bag for fall of 2013?  You can pull out all of your light glosses and replace them with something with a bit more color.  You don’t necessarily have to wear burgundy, plum or dark colors like that and you might look a bit vampy if you did.  But the idea is to replace your sheer lip products with something with a bit more substance to them to add color to your face.  In the fall and winter months, our skin tends to be a lighter shade than in the sunny summer months so we need to add color in a different way.

Change out your nail polish shades while you are at it, too.  Fall is definitely the time when you need to pack away your pinks and other lovely light colors and embrace the darker, deeper trends of nail color of fall.  Again, while burgundies and plums are very acceptable for this season, they don’t have to be those colors.  Today’s fall colors include shades of navy, teal and gray.  Nail color is so much fun that you are really missing out if you don’t change it up and experiment a bit with the seasons.

Another essential for your makeup bag is eye shadow you can use to create a smoky eye.  While a smoky eye is always fashionable, it is seen much more in the fall and winter months.  You can wear it to holiday parties and events.

If you want to know more about fall makeup trends and what should be in your makeup bag, Allure has an article on this subject that will give you more valuable information.


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