Is Your Makeup Aging Your Face?

One of the main reasons (the main reason?) women wear makeup is to look younger and more attractive. That’s why it might surprise – and horrify – you to realize that your makeup might actually age you, making you look older than you actually are. Since this is not the look you’re going for, you need to figure out if your makeup is aging you and how to fix the problems it’s causing your face.

Wrinkly Eyes

You put makeup on to hide the wrinkles and look younger, but unless you use a primer before you apply your makeup, especially around your eyes, you’re doing nothing but enhancing your fine lines and wrinkles. The purpose of a primer is to fill in your fine lines and wrinkles as well as even your skin tone. Once you’re wearing this, your makeup is going to make you look younger, not more like your mom.

Too Much Makeup

More is not, I repeat NOT, always better. Simple and chic is always more beautiful than cakey  makeup that does nothing but make you look like a 75-year-old Miss America wanna-be. When you wear so much makeup it cakes on your face, you look decades older. Go with something simple and you’ll look younger. You need to choose makeup that appears natural and light. You should be wearing it, but it should never look like you’re wearing it.

Dry Skin

You have to moisturize before you put on any of your makeup. If your skin is dry, it makes your makeup appear cracked and gross. When this happens, you immediately look older (and no one wants to look like their leather handbag, gorgeous as it is). Moisturizer and sunscreen are the two most important products you’ll ever use on your face. Both will prevent you from looking older and less attractive.


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