How to Make the Perfect Barrel Curl Hairstyle


Barrel curls are the gorgeous curls you see on celebs and models, and those women that always seem to look perfect. It is a hairstyle that can be worn with most hair lengths, but it’s not something that can be worn if you’re not sure how to make it. It might seem like a complicated hairstyle, but it really is not. It’s a style that can be worn simply and easily, and it is one that you can do yourself. Even if you’re not someone who believes she’s overly good at hair, it’s a style that can be done without any issues and it’s not something that requires a great deal of skill. Rest assured that it’s something just about anyone can do and without much effort whatsoever. We have a simple video tutorial designed to help you create a gorgeous style that’s going to flatter you day and night; from a casual brunch to a night on the town.

This is a flattering style for women everywhere, but the key is to ensure that you’re doing it just as stated in the video. Even if you do not have hair as long as the model in the video, you can still rock the look. It’s something that will work with hair that’s at least shoulder-length. What you’ll is a curling iron, a hair brush and plenty of hair spray. Our final tip is that you watch the video and then make the attempt to do this yourself rather than trying to do it with the video. Finally, don’t worry if it’s something that you don’t seem to pick up right away; you will get better at it over time and you will eventually be able to pull together the look with no time and even less effort. It won’t take long to become second nature to anyone who tries.

Photo by Moni Fellner/Getty Images


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