Maintenance Tips all Men Sporting Dreadlock Hairstyles Need to Know


Dreadlocks are definitely one of the most unique hairstyles for men. They’re interesting in that they’re usually long, and they are interesting in how they are created. They are created by twirling hair that hasn’t been washed into a unique shape and leaving it that way for many days, weeks and even months. The hairstyle is exceptionally popular in the Caribbean, but that doesn’t mean American men aren’t craving the style all for themselves. In fact, many African American men choose this style because it works so well with the texture of their hair.

However, that doesn’t mean that this is a simple style. It does require a bit of technique and some care. There is a maintenance routine that must be followed to ensure that men’s dreadlock hairstyles stay clean and looking good; otherwise you run the risk of looking a bit disheveled. Worry not, however, because we have plenty of tips to help you maintain your cool dreadlocks.

Wash Them

One of the biggest misconceptions men have about their dreadlocks is that they are a hairstyle that doesn’t require washing. This is not true. They do not require a daily washing, but they should be washed every three to four days after they’ve been put in so that they don’t become disgusting. It’s very important that you choose one – either three days or four days – and make it a habit from this point forward. And please, use shampoo that boasts a residue free rinse.

Don’t Rub!

Do not make like a woman and rub your hair when you get out of the shower. Squeeze – gently – the additional water from your hair, and make sure that you do it in a way that will not mess up your dreadlocks, or you might have to start all over. First, squeeze with your hands. Second, squeeze with your towel until they are dry. This is a very important step.

Use a Blow Dryer

Now is not the time to decide you want to let your hair air dry. No sir, you have to dry your dreads as soon as you get out of the shower. Why? Because allowing moisture to remain in your dreads is going to cause dread rot (yes, this is a real thing). Essentially, you’re going to let your hair rot right off your head and cause you to cut it short. If this happens, it’s going to be a long time before you can have dreadlocks again.

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