Learn To Use A Flat Iron The Best Way

Many of you know exactly how to use a flat iron but I will be the first to tell it; when I got mine I had no clue what to do with it or how it worked.  All I knew was I wanted the sleek, straight hair style I was seeing others sport.

It took me a while to get the hang of it.  Here are some things I learned along the way.

Straight hair actually starts long before you plug in the flat iron.  It starts in the shower, in fact, with the right shampoo and conditioner.  Be sure to choose one that promotes straightness.  You want to go with the grain, not against it here.

After towel drying your hair, comb it out and add some hair serum and thermal spray.  I really like the Tresemme brand of thermal spray but you may have a favorite of your own.  It is really important to use a thermal spray to protect your hair from the heat styling you use.

After adding your product into your hair, begin to blow it dry.  Be sure to blow it straight down, tugging it gently with a brush or even your hands to help the straight look along.  All of these steps make getting the finished look easier.

Next, section your hair off.  I do mine into four sections.  I leave the bottom layer down and pin the top up in three different parts.  Then, take your flat iron and run it quickly but firmly over a strip of hair.  I think one inch strips are easiest to manage.  You want to be careful to go close enough to the root so that you don’t have crimps in your hair.  Gradually work your way through each section and spray the finished look with hairspray.  I like to run a comb through it even after using hair spray so that it looks like it has movement and is not so stiff.

If you follow these steps, you will be able to use your flat iron with ease.


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